How To Use

To install the app simply visit ITunes or the Android Play Store and then search for Polly's Guardian Angel.

Quick Steps:

  • Download the app.
  • Register as a user of the app.
  • Complete the required fields in Contacts and optionally choose how you wish to be alerted of missing children reports submitted by others.
    • Near Home - Notifies you if a Missing Child Alert is submitted by other users in a region based on your home postal code.
    • Near Current Location - Even if Guaridangel is not currently running,your device will notify Guardiangel when you make signficant changes (switching cell towers) and provide a general area location update which will be used when sending alerts to base your proximity to a Missing Child Report sent by others.
    • All Alerts - You will receive all alerts, regardless of their location.
  • Add a Child in the Children Screen and provide the minimum required details.
  • Check your devices settings to make sure that location services are turned on.

Detailed Steps:

Once you have the app installed you will need to open the app to register. To do so, simply click the button to register.

Once registered, you will need to complete the required fields on the contacts screen. This information includes your First and Last Name, a phone number and Zip Code to be used to compute the location to send alerts. Note: You have 2 additional options for receiving alerts.

By default, Guardiangel will only use your postal code to determine your approximate location used to determine proximity to the missing child being reported by another user.

Optionally, you may elect to have alerts “follow you” by setting the Notification setting to Near Current Location. This feature will wake up Guardiangel in the background (even if it’s not running) and notify the Guardiangel server when you make a significant change in your location. This new information will be used as a basis for determining your proximity to a missing child alert and whether you should receive the message.

It’s important to note that this feature does not use the GPS but only cell tower level accuracy by default. If you happen to be using another app that is using GPS, then the more accurate information will be sent.

This feature requires very little battery power. It does keep the Location Services Icon on in your status bar, even if Guardiangel is not running. This does not mean your GPS is running and draining your battery. It just means the significant change location service is enabled for an app. It will always display unless you turn off the background location feature in Guardiangel. You may also elect to receive all alerts, regardless of their location by setting the Notification setting to All Alerts.

If you are a parent, you should then visit the children screen and add your child or children.

We know that during a stressful event such as learning that a child is missing simple information about a child can be hard to remember. Having this information securely stored on your phone can save valuable time.

You will be asked to enter a photo of your child, his/her name, date of birth, gender and optionally you can provide ethnicity, and other characteristics of the child. Remember this information is stored on your device and not transmitted to Polly’s Center until a Missing Child Report is filed. This information would be similar to the information that would be used on the local news in the event the public was asked to help find your child.

Once you've completed all the fields, your child's profile is set and the submit missing child button will be enabled on the home screen.

To keep your personal data safe, we recommend you use the built in devices Password Lock feature in addition to the provided Guardiangel password feature. By enabling a device password, your contact and children data will be encrypted on the device when the device is locked. This protects this sensitive information in the event you should loose your device.

In addition to the device password, Guardiangel requires you enter a password each time you need to access the Contacts or Children screen. Simply press the padlock icon accessible from the Home screen to enable the Contacts and Children Screens. To relock those screens, simply move to a different screen then press the home screen. When you bring Guardiangel back to the foreground, the lock will once again be in place. If you should ever forget your password, the unlock screen will provide you an option to request a password reset. If selected, you will receive a special link via the email you used to register. Once you click on this link, you'll be provided an opportunity to select and confirm your new password. This password can then be used to unlock your device. The reset password link is usuable only once per request.

In order to send an alert, simply open the app and click the “Submit Missing Child Alert” button. You will then be able to select the child from your profile that is missing and the information you have already entered into your child's profile will be used to create an electronic alert that will be sent to nearby app users.

Once you have selected the correct child's profile, you will be asked about the location of the missing child. Simply put, if you are at the location where the child is discovered missing, select “use my location”. If you are at a different location and wish to select a specific place on a map you may do that during this step.

Polly's Guardian Angel has a feature that allows the user to view a map as a standard street map or as a satellite image. If you're unable to read the features on the map, simply pinch to zoom into the map. This should more easily allow you to see street names or other landmarks. If, however, you are unfamiliar with the streets around you the satellite feature may be more desirable as it will offer aerial views of nearby buildings.

We know that it is very important that law enforcement be called as soon as possible so if you have not already done so we will be reminding you to call 911 at the 10 minute mark. You can cancel this at anytime if your child is found or if you have already spoken to law enforcement. At the 30 minute mark, if you have not already chosen this option, you will be prompted to call Polly's Center to speak with the staff of Klaas Kids who will be standing by to offer assistance to you during the search for your missing child. If Polly’s Center does not hear from you by approximately 35 minutes, they will attempt to call you on your provided number(s) in the Contacts Screen.

If it is not your child missing, you may receive updates informing you that other children are missing. Just as if you were sending an alert to other users, the notifications you receive will include a picture of the child, the location the child was reported missing, and other identifying characteristics.

The Missing Child Detail Screen also provides a means to view the location on a map where the child was reported missing as well as your location on the map in relation to the report. You will also be able to add and view tips related to the search as well as report the child found if you find the child yourself. The parents get notified of tips and found tips on their device and can also add their own tips as well as provide and update last seen information as it becomes available which is visible on the Missing Child Detail View.

If you have any questions regarding Polly’s Guardiangel, you may contact support by visiting the FAQ Screen and choosing the Contact Support Button. This will compose an email our support team where we will route your request to the appropriate group to get your question(s) answered.

We hope and pray that you never have a missing child but this app provides a modern tool that allows you, the parent, to empower a community to assist you in finding your child alive.